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spiritual reading

In last week’s Devo Tip, we learned that the incarnation was an event and a vital principle in discipleship. God not only embodied his word in the person of Jesus; he intends to embody his word within our character. What kind of reading does that?

There are four common reading techniques that people use today. 

  • Skimming = glancing to grasp the main idea 
  • Scanning = searching for something in particular 
  • Intensive reading = highly focused to understand as much as possible 
  • Extensive reading = less focused to cover large amounts of material 

But how can you read the Bible in such a way that it becomes who you are? Is there another way to read? Yes! Some people call it: “spiritual reading.” Spiritual reading reads words in order to be formed by the living Word. Want to try it? It’s simple. 

  1. Acknowledge and ask. Before you begin reading, acknowledge God’s presence and simply ask the Lord to speak through his word. Then believe that he will. 
  2. Read buffet-styleFirst, scope it out (slowly read the passage two or three times). Notice what you are being drawn to (a specific word or phrase). Now you’re ready to “reach for the plate” (hear God’s voice in Scripture). 
  3. Enter NarniaBy quietly lifting your thoughts and heart to the Lord, the Holy Spirit will begin to open up a new reality (a truth about living in God’s kingdom). Whatever the Holy Spirit reveals to you will always be consistent with what the biblical author intended. 
  4. Walk in the light. Carry your devotional “plate” with you all day and be ready to serve it up to others! Awakening to kingdom realities will require faith in God and humble obedience.

You can do this! Quiet yourself in God’s presence and ask the Lord of Scripture to reveal himself in Scripture. There is a reason that Jesus embodies his word within your character. His very life is being formed in you because he wants to reveal himself to others through you. Let the adventures begin.