design a roadmap

Personalize Your Path

“Discipleship happens best when each person approaches their own discipleship in a way that is personalized to how God is already at work in their life.” Dana Allin

Ask yourself a few questions to get started.

Where does Jesus want me to go at this time in my life?

What is he stirring inside my heart? What is that yearning feeling all about?

What is he saying to me right now? What does he want to do in me?

As you contemplate, consider the three main categories in discipleship: Deeper in Jesus, Closer in Community, Wider in the Kingdom. Let’s call them tracks

“Lord, do you want to strengthen the foundation of my faith? Is there a specific area you want to engage with me at this time in my life? How long would you like me to abide in over an extended period of time?”

  • Seek to understand how God sees you
  • Expose the obstacles and lies you believe about yourself
  • Learn to put off the old and put on the new creation in Christ
  • Experience the depth of being united to Jesus
  • Grow in grace-based spirituality
  • Study one book or one theme
  • Enter God’s Story through character studies
  • Explore how major themes fit into the grand narrative
  • Dig into the background of a book
  • Learn about the Old Testament-New Testament connections
  • Utilize online study tools

  • Experience God the Father: his character and divine attributes
  • Encounter God the Son: his nature, character, and mission
  • Embrace God the Holy Spirit: his role and activity
  • Learn more about Sacraments: Lord’s Supper and Baptism
  • Gain insight into our future hope
  • Glean inspiration from the historic creeds and confessions of the faith
  • Appreciate our rich heritage in Church history

“Lord, do you want to me to focus on becoming more like you right now? What particular area do you want to help me grow and mature? 

  • Mature in gentleness and mercy
  • Nurture care, compassion, and kindness
  • Seek repentance, forgiveness, healing, deliverance
  • Pursue peace (shalom) and reconciliation
  • Grow in joyful trust, gratitude, patience, and contentment
  • Seek to understand suffering and trials
  • Embrace humility and self-denial
  • Engage in intercessory prayer
  • Nurture generosity
  • Develop a teachable heart
  • Embrace spiritual disciplines
  • Appreciate various worship expressions
  • Investigate a liturgy of the ordinary
  • Pursue purity and self-control
  • Engage in Sabbath-rest

“Lord, how can I become more missionally minded? What can I do to prepare for the next step? What do you want me to focus my attention on as you lead me? How long would you like me to abide in over an extended period of time?”

  • Serving, hospitality
  • Mercy, encouragement
  • Helps, administration
  • Teaching, discipling
  • Wisdom, vision
  • Prophetic discernment
  • Make a new friend
  • Participate in cross-generational gatherings
  • Bless the church by serving
  • Take on new challenges
  • Develop skills toward maturity
  • Make deliberate invites to church
  • Include new people into your circle of well-established friends
  • Grow in effective connecting and communicating with nonbelievers
  • Volunteer in relief work or other community opportunities
  • Break out of comfort zone (e.g., tutor English, build friendships with refugees, etc.)